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Why paperpulp?


If you’re searching for a ’green’ packaging material which can be moulded to perfectly fit to your specific application, moulded paperpulp may be your solution to provide best protection to your product, offering multiple advantages compared to any previous EPS packaging materials.


-  Environmentally friendly: Recyclable or biodegradable material. Packaging trays made of  100% recycled paper with no additional supplementary material. Recycling capacity is yearly even 800 tons of waste paper


-  Customized and engineered to your specific requirements, developed and formed especially to fit to the shape of your product. Cost of uniquely developed tools returns during its long lifetime and expectation of even many millions of production cycles.


-  Best protection to save your product from any damages during transportation. Great results achieved on drop-tests, due to flexibility and tensile strenghts of paperpulp material moulded pulp packaging is an appropriate solution to pack products of various weight from 30 grams to 30 kg


-  Logistics cost-saving and efficiency in storage and transportation of paperpulp packaging, moulded pulp packaging trays tightly fit in pallets saving significant warehousing space


-  Cost of manufacturing and unit price is lower and less dependent to price fluctuations of oil than EPS based productions’


-  Meeting wide range of customer expectations:


  • We can meet low volume requirements even of a few thousands of products yearly demand by producing one cavity-tool capacity

  • Capability of mass production of millions of products yearly demand b

  • Afterpress capacity is also available for higher finish retail applications (e.g. Recycling logo)

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